How to Set-up Recording on Corded Phones


Call Recording on Corded Phones

Note: Recording is only available in Internet Explorer. It is not supported in Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

VanillaSoft supports call recording on two types of phones:

1. Corded phones, i.e. regular desk phones with a corded handset or headset

2. Softphones – Toktumi, X-Lite 3.x and less, Eyebeam and Skype

This guide gives instructions on configuring call recording for corded phones. The first section explains the administrative settings to enable call recording.

General Administrative Settings to Enable Call Recording

Recording is turned off by default and is enabled on 3 different levels:

1. User Level:

a. Add a recording license for every user that you want to record. Go to Users Manage User Licenses and enable the Recording checkbox for each user.

2. By Project:

a. Click on the project and go to Project Set-up Project Detail

b. Enable recording for this project, select Yes, and save

3. By Result Code:

a. Click on the project and go to Project Set-up Result Codes

b. Enable "Save Recording" for every Result Code that you want to keep a recording for. All calls will be recorded, but only the calls with resulted with the selected Result Codes will be saved.

Call Recording with Corded Phones

This section only applies if you have a regular phone with a corded handset or headset. This applies to both analog and digital corded phones. The station must also have a computer with a sound cord.

First the recording Active-X controls must be installed. Instructions for installing VanillaSoft controls can be found at the start of the How to Auto-dial guide available from the Support link.

Once the controls are installed a recording adapter must be installed between the handset and the telephone. One recommended recording adapter is the Dynametric TLP-102 which can be found off of the Dynametric site at in the section for Telephone Logger Patches.

The recording adapter is installed as follows:

a. Unplug the handset or headset from the phone

b. Plug the handset or headset into the recording adapter

c. Plug the recording adapter into the phone (where the handset or headset used to be

d. Plug the remaining 3.5mm audio jack into the Microphone port of the sound card


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