How to Set up Panel Layout for Contact Page

To configure the panel layout for your contact page:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select Project
  3. Go to Page Layout
  4. Select the desired number of Panels to insert between the basic contact information panel and the Result Code panel (These 2 panels are static)
  5. Select a tab from the Available Tabs menu-> Select the Panel Number-> and click Add
  6. To Move a tab between panels or within the same panel, click the tab name from the tab list boxes
  7. Use the blue arrows to move to a different panel
  8. Drag and Drop to re-order the tabs inside a panel from the Panel Preview box
  9. Save

To create a new Fixed WebLink Tab for a static URL:

  1. Go to Create Web Tab
  2. Enter Tab Name
  3. Enter the URL for the tab to link to
  4. Save

This new Fixed WebLink Tab will now show on your Available Tabs menu.

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