How to set up Merchant Services Gateway Integration

To set up Merchant Services Gateway Integration:

  1. Login as an Account Admin
  2. Go to Account
  3. Go to Payment Gateway
  4. Select your Payment Gateway (If you do not see your gateway on the list, please contact VanillaSoft Sales about integrating with your Gateway.)
  5. Enter your credentials supplied from your gateway account  (Please refer to your Gateway to obtain these credentials)
  6. Click Save.

Next you will need to enable the Credit Card form to be used by your users:

  1. Go to Projects
  2. Select your Project
  3. Go to Page Layout and select Panel Layout
  4. Select CC Payment tab from the Available Tabs menu-> select the Panel where you want CC Payment to be located and click Add.
  5. Click Save.

Your integration is now setup and Users may go to the CC Payment tab to enter credit card information to be passed to your Payment Gateway for processing. VanillaSoft will note the details of the transactions in a new History tab called Payment History.

Note: VanillaSoft does not supply merchant services.  We simply integrate with your merchant service provider and the gateway to use with that account.

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