How to Set Up a New VanillaSoft VoIP Line with an X-Lite or Bria Softphone

After ordering a new VanillaSoft VoIP line through our sales department you will receive your new number and credentials from support via email. 

First step is to enter the VoIP credentials into the end user's VanillaSoft account:

  1. Log in to VanillaSoft as an admin
  2. Go to Users
  3. Select user
  4. In Dialing Information section select “SIP”
  5. From the SIP dropdown, select “ConnectMeVoice Softphone”
  6. In the three fields that appear enter the line credentials supplied to you by VanillaSoft
  7. Save

Second step is for the end user use the attached document and links contained to download X-Lite and automatically configure your X-Lite with your VanillaSoft credentials including: User ID, Domain, Password, Display name and Authorization name on the Account tab

If you already have a purchased Bria softphone downloaded on to the computer simply skip the X-Lite download link and move to the auto configuration step.

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