How to Set-up Auto Import of .csv File from Email Attachment

When you create a saved import mapping, an email address is automatically generated for you to use when you want .csv files from email attachments to automatically import.

To create a saved mapping and obtain the email address generated:

  1. Login as Admin
  2. Select project
  3. Select Import Contacts
  4. Browse for your CSV file
  5. Click on Next
  6. Match the fields in the “VanillaSoft Field” column with the “Import File Field” column. Simply pick the field from the drop down box that matches the fields on the left.  Row 1 and Row 2 columns will show you an example of the information that has been mapped.
  7. Confirm that all fields you want imported are mapped correctly
  8. Click the Save Mappings button and data enter a name
  9. OK
  10. The corresponding email address for this saved mapping can now be found above the field mapping columns, ex: Import contacts by email:

You may now use this email address to have .csv file attachments automatically import.  Keep in mind that file must always be identical in structure, meaning the same number of columns in the same order. The column headers in future .csv files must be identical to the file used in the original mapping.

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