How to add VoIP Hud to a Contact Page Panel

Your VS VoIP (ConnectMe Voice) HUD may be added as a panel on your Total View Contact page as a panel for easy viewing and automatic login each day.  To access the HUD inside of VanillaSoft your personal ConnectMe Voice HUD shortcut URL must be entered into the VanillaSoft user Dialing Info profile.  To add HUD:

Add the HUD to desired panel:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select Project
  3. Go to Page Layout
  4. Select CMV HUD from the Available Tabs menu-> Select the Panel Number-> and click Add
  5. Save

Retrieve the HUD shortcut URL from ConnectMe Voice (each user will need their own URL):

  1. Log in to ConnectMe Voice ( as the user/extension in question. You can also log in as the mainbox (admin) number and use the Switch Extension at the top of the page to access the desired number/extension
  2. Click the HUD link on the left menu to open up that user's HUD
  3. Click the "Help" button at the top-right of the HUD window
  4. Scroll down to where it says "Hud Shortcut" and highlight/copy the entire URL

Add HUD shortcut URL to VanillaSoft user account:

  1. In VanillaSoft as admin, go to Users
  2. Select the corresponding User
  3. Paste the Hud Shortcut link in to the "ConnectMeVoice HUD Link" field under Dialing Information
  4. Save
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