How to Use DocuSign Integration

To use the DocuSign integration you must first have a DocuSign account and each user needs login credentials.  To set up and use DocuSign Integration:

Set-up DocuSign credentials in VanillaSoft:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select a Project
  3. Go To Lead Integration-> DocuSign
  4. Add DocuSign Admin credentials and validate
  5. Add users who will be sending DocuSign documents

Adding or Linking DocuSign users in VanillaSoft:

  1. Go To Lead Integration-> DocuSign
    • If the user has a DocuSign account already, select their name from the dropdown menu below "Enable for an Existing DocuSign User" and click the Enable button
    • If the user does not have a DocuSign account, select their username from the dropdown menu below "Add a new DocuSign User", then enter their email address in "DocuSign Username/Email" and click Add
  2. After either method, the next time that User logs in to VanillaSoft, they will be prompted to enter their DocuSign credentials by a an "Activate DocuSign" link at the top of their page
  3. Clicking this link will allow the User to enter their DocuSign credentials
  4. The User is now set up and able to send contracts via DocuSign from within their VanillaSoft caller panel.

Create Document:

    1. You may use WORD or PDF Forms to create your document.
    2. If you would like to insert merged field values from the VanillaSoft contact please go to How To Set Up A Mergeable Document.
    3. The following DocuSign input field variables may be added using the following codes and must be entered exactly (case sensitive).
      • InputText1-1 - standard text input for first signer
      • InputText1-2 - standard text input for second signer
      • Initial1 - initials field for first signer
      • Initial2 - initials field for second signer
      • Signer1 - signature field for first signer
      • Signer2 - signature field for second signer
      • DateSigned1 - Date for first signer
      • DateSigned2 - Date for second signer
      All of these input variables can be entered multiple times per document. For the InputText variable, they can be sequentially increased up to 20 times. Example: InputText1-1, InputText2-1, InputText3-1 gives you three unique fields for the first signer.
  1. Input Text Color - The input key acts as a marker for DocuSign. This means that DocuSign will overlay the input/signature field over the text marker. It is a good idea to make the input key color the same color as the document background or a very light color so it's not visible underneath the input field and/or signature field when filled out and signed.


Sending a DocuSign document from the Contact Page

  1. Click the drop-down menu above the contact's name, and select Send DocuSign Contract
  2. Select Contract
  3. Edit the signer's name(s) if needed
  4. Enter a Subject and an email body to be delivered with the contract attachment
  5. Send

Tracking DocuSign Documents

  1. On the VanillaSoft contact screen under Attachments you will see all sent documents to that contact
  2. For each document you will see two (2) versions: the original sent document, and a version that will update throughout the signing process
  3. When a signer completes the signing process, the document status will update to "Complete"
  4. VanillaSoft will track in real time the Status, Send Date, Delivered Date, and Signed Date for each recipient

Update DocuSign Credentials

If a user changes their DocuSign credentials, they will need to update that information in VanillaSoft.

  1. Click on user account info (username in the upper right of your VanillaSoft screen)
  2. Select DocuSign
  3. Update credentials
  4. Verify
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