VanillaSoft X-Lite Configuration for Callers

Please note: these phone setup instructions were created using Internet Explorer - you may use another browser of your choosing if you wish.  The below instructions are for configuring VoIP lines provided by VanillaSoft specifically using X-Lite as a soft phone.

  1. Download the latest copy of X-Lite from the following website.  You will need to scroll down to the "Download X-Lite for Windows" button.
  2. Click where it says “To Begin your Download, click here”.  If you are using Bria proceed to step 4.  You will need to reach out to your Administrator for instructions on downloading and installing the softphone.
  3. Install X-Lite using the default installation options.  Once X-Lite has been installed, open the program by double-clicking the black and yellow "X" icon on your desktop.
  4. Click on the following link to run the auto-configuration tool. You will see a prompt at the bottom of your browser asking you to run or save the file. Click “Run”.
  5. After clicking "Run" you will see the following prompt:
  6. Click "Yes".  The configuration tool will ask you for your VanillaSoft User Name and Password.  It will also ask you to configure X-Lite or Bria.  If you do not have this information please reach out to your administrator.
  7. After entering your login information you will see information entered into phonr for you automatically.  The configuration tool will need control of your mouse while this operation is performed.  Do not move your cursor until you see the following:

If you encounter any errors during the configuration process please re-run the tool.  If this does not resolve the issue you are facing, or the phone will not connect, please contact Support at 1-866-763-8826 ext. 2 and we will assist you with troubleshooting your phone setup.


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