How is Contact's local time Determined?

VanillaSoft uses several scenarios to find the best time zone for a contact.  The scenarios include:

  1. VanillaSoft determines a Contact's time based on the area code of the phone number.
  2. When an area code resides in two different time zones VanillaSoft will then check for a North American Zip Code to determine time zone.  If no zip code is available VanillaSoft defaults to the time zone with the greater population.
  3. In the case of multiple phone numbers from different time zones, VanillaSoft will utilize the North American Zip Code.  If there is no zip code VanillaSoft defaults the Contact's time to the western most time zone reflecting the time the latest time of the day.
  4. In the case of toll free numbers VanillaSoft will utilize the North American Zip Code.  If no Zip code is found the default will be to utilize the user's time zone.
  5. If there is no phone number or the number is not recognized as a valid area code the default is to the user's time zone.  Zip code logic will not be used even if present.

Manual Override:

To manually override all the above criteria:

  1. Login as a Caller
  2. From Contact page go to Edit
  3. At the bottom of the first edit panel choose the preferred Time Zone
  4. Save



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