VS VoiP Provisioning and Phone Line Management

To enable VS VoIP for your VanillaSoft account, please contact sales at sales@vanillasoft.com. Sales will need to know if you prefer Extensions with an Auto Attendant or DIDs (Dedicated phone numbers).

After VoIP has been enabled, an Account Admin will be able to manage the following when using softphones:

  • Provision new VoIP lines
  • Cancel a VoIP line when deleting a user
  • Re-assign VoIP lines

There are 4 pages where you may manage VoIP lines:

From Add New User page:

  1. Go to Users
  2. Go to Add Users
  3. Under the "VS VoIP Line" section select from 3 options:
    • "I have an existing VS VoIP line, let me select it now"
      This allows you to re-assign a DID number or extension that you already own. Numbers that are not currently assigned to another user will be labeled as "Available".
    • "Create a new VS VoIP line"
      This creates a new DID with area code of your choice or extension number of your choice.
    • "No VS VoIP for now, thanks"
      This user does not need a VoIP line.

From Edit User page:

  1. Go to Users
  2. Select Users
    • To Create: Click Create New VS VoIP Line button and select area code or ext number
    • To Un-assign: Click Un-assign VoIP Line
    • To Re-assign:
      • Select SIP
      • Select ConnectMeVoice SoftPhone for SIP Line Provider
      • Select the DID or Ext to re-assign
      • Save

From Delete User page:

When deleting a User who has a VoIP Line assigned, you will be presented the following options:

  • Cancel VoIP Line
    This will cancel the user's DID number or extension. You will no longer be billed for this line.
  • VoIP line reassigned to:
    • "Nobody - Keep line for future use"
      This allows the DID or extension to be reserved for later use. It will show as "Available" in the VoIP drop-down selection.
    • "Users with no VS VoIP Line"
      This shows a list of current VanillaSoft users that do not already have a VoIP line assigned to them.
    • "Users with VS VoIP Line"
      This shows a list of current VanillaSoft users that already have a VoIP line. It also shows the DID number or extension that's currently assigned to them.

From VoIP Lines Page:

Account Admins may go to Accounts > VoIP Lines tab to see a list of current VoIP lines and Assignments.  You may also delete a VoIP Line directly from this page.


Emails are automatically triggered to send out instructions with softphone downloads for all new and re-assigned VoIP lines to the provisioning administrator as a default. If you would like the end users to be emailed instructions as well you may change this setting on your main Account page.

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