Contact Routing Priorities

By default VanillaSoft routes all contacts available in the queue in the following order:

  1. Due Callbacks and Scheduled Appointments
  2. Contacts affected by the "Route new WebLeads as first priority" feature
  3. Contacts resulted with a "Retry In..." result code, or Contacts who opened an email when priority routing was set for the email.
  4. New contacts that have not ever been called
  5. Previously called contacts resulted with an "End Of Queue, Min..." result code

To view your real time queue of contacts in a queue in their routing order:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select Project
  3. Go to Workflow/Routing
  4. Select View Routing Queue
  5. Select desired queue - Scheduled call backs and contacts suppressed by calling periods will not show on list


Queued Contacts become "available" again when their "Retry In..." or "End of Queue, Min..." period has elapsed.

If Callbacks and Scheduled Appointments have been missed on the day they were due, those contacts will route on subsequent days but they will only route at or after the time they were initially due for. For instance, a callback that was originally for 2pm on a given day can only route at or after 2pm any other day, but never before that time.

For newly added contacts, you may choose the order of routing of "First In, First Out" or "Last In, First Out". To reset this go to the Workflow/Routing->Routing Order page., choose "First In, First Out..." if you want your new contacts to be routed in the order they were added to your VanillaSoft project. Choosing "Last In, First Out..." will let the most recently added contacts route first.

For more information about how Result Actions work please see:


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