"Device Activation Limit Reached" showing up on VS Connect softphone

Your VS Connect softphone can only be active on one computer.  When attempting to sign into the softphone from another computer or after reinstalling the phone on your current computer you may see the below error message:

To be able to log back into your softphone an Administrator will need to release the device. To release the VS Connect softphone:

1. From the Admin screen select Users

2. Select the User Name you need to release the device for

3. Scroll down to Dialing Information

4. Click "Release VS Connect Softphone" button.

5. When prompted to release the softphone click OK

The VS Connect softphone is now released and the user will be able to sign into the softphone.

If you would like to be able to use VS Connect from more than one computer, please have the Account Administrator of your account reach out to our Sales department at Sales@VanillaSoft.com or at 1-866-763-8826 ext. 1 to discuss your plan options.


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