What Time Zone is VanillaSoft Using?

Below is a list of VanillaSoft time fields with the time zone that is reflected:

Caller Interface:

Page/Section  Field TimeZone
 Panel 1 Added Date Current User's
 Email Tab Sent Date  Current User's
 Attachment Tab Attachment Date  Current User's
 Call History (All tabs) Call Date & Time  Original User's
 Call History (All Tabs) Appointment  Original User's
 Appointments Page Caller Date/Time  Current User's
 Appointments Page Last Call Date  Current User's
 Appointments Page Contact Local Date/Time  Contact's
 Calendar  All  Choose Time Zone from Upper Right Menu
 My Stats Call Time Current User's
 My Contacts Callback Date Current User's
 My Contacts Called Current User's
 Dashboard Call Time Current User's
 Result Code Contact Time Contact's
 Result Code Caller/Agent Time Current User's
 Script Tab Contact's Variables Contact's
 Script Tab Last of Call Date/Time Current User's
 Email Template Contact's Variable Contact's
 Email Template Last of Call Date/Time Current User's

Admin Interface:

Page  Field Time Zone
Contact Edit Contact's Time Contact's
Contact Edit Your Time Current User's
 Contact Edit Add Date Current User's
 Contact Edit (Call History All Tabs) Time Called Original Agent's
 Contact Edit (Call History All Tabs) Callback Time Current User's

Note: Contact's time is based on their phone number and zip code.  If a time zone can not be established VanillaSoft will use the current user's time instead. Please go to: http://support.vanillasoft.com/hc/en-us/articles/215321498 for more information about how a contact's time zone is determined.

Also, you may assign the contact a time zone by going to the contact edit page and selecting one.


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