How does VanillaSoft upload call recordings when using VS VoIP?

There are two main factors in play when determining whether or not VanillaSoft will be able to find and upload a call recording when you're using VanillaSoft VoIP.

When a call is resulted with a code that has Save Recording enabled, VanillaSoft looks for the recording using the following criteria:

  1. The system looks for recordings made between the time the lead routed to when it was resulted. There is a 2-minute window on either end of this check to allow for some inconsistencies.
  2. The system looks to match one of the contact's phone numbers from VanillaSoft to the raw number dialed.

To ensure consistency with the capturing of recordings, use the following best practices as a guideline:

  1. Always make sure the contact is loaded on your screen before calling. If it's an inbound call, either use the inbound screen pop or quick search feature to bring the record up as quickly as possible.
  2. Never result a contact before the call has ended. Make sure the call is hung up/disconnected before applying a result code.
  3. If you're dialing an alternate number for the contact, be sure to add/enter the number to the contact's Phone Information by using the Edit function. If the phone number isn't present on the contact, the recording will not be found.
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