How Call Recordings Upload with VanillaSoft VoIP

There are two main factors in play when determining whether or not VanillaSoft will be able to find and upload a Call Recording. If you are using a VanillaSoft VoIP line, and have Call Recording enabled, then your calls can be stored in the contact's Audio Review section. In order to ensure your calls get stored properly, follow the guidelines below.

Note: If you don't have Call Recordings enabled or setup, follow our How to Enable/Setup Call Recording article to set this up first.


How Call Recording Works

After you're done your call if you select a Result Code that has Recording enabled, VanillaSoft will look for the recording using the following criteria:

  1. VanillaSoft will first look for a Call Recording that was made while a contact was routed. VanillaSoft then compares the time the contact was initially routed to the time a Result Code was selected to find the correct matching recording. If VanillaSoft can't find a recording between the time of routing and the time of resulting, there is a 2-minute window added to either end. This means the system will look for a recording that began up to 2 minutes before routing or ended up to 2 minutes after being resulted. A couple of reasons that would prevent a call recording from being stored within Vanillasoft are:
    • You were on a call with a contact for more than 2 minutes before the contact was brought up on your VanillaSoft screen.
    • You selected a Result Code for the call but didn't hang up within 2 minutes. 
  2. VanillaSoft will look to match the number you called with one of the contact's phone numbers listed in their profile. If the numbers match, and the above criteria are met, your call recording will be linked to that contact.


Best Practices

To ensure consistency with capturing Call Recordings, use the following best practices:

  1. Always make sure the contact is loaded on your screen before calling. If it's an inbound call, either use the inbound call pop-up or Quick Search feature to bring the contact up as quickly as possible.
  2. Never select a Result Code before the call has ended. Make sure the call has ended/disconnected first, then select the appropriate Result Code when you're done your call.
  3. If you're dialing an alternate number for the contact, make sure to add the number to the contact's Phone Information by using the Edit function. If the phone number isn't present on the contact, the recording will not be found.


Finding Call Recordings That Aren't Stored with a Contact

If your call does not meet the time frame criteria above, there is still a way to retrieve the Call Recording. Instructions on how to retrieve your call recording are as follows: 

  1. Login to your VanillaSoft VoIP portal.
  2. From the menu on the left, go into the Mailbox category then select the Call Recordings section.
  3. Click the magnifying glass at the top-right and enter your search criteria (you can search by date, phone number, or name if applicable), then click Search.
  4. Here you have the option to either delete, download or play the recording(s) along with showing the information from the call itself. 

Note: If you haven’t registered for the new VoIP portal, follow the Registering for the VoIP Portal article to get signed in.

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