How to Split a Full Name Column in Excel

If your .csv file comes with a "Full Name" field instead of separate fields for "First Name" and "Last Name" it is advised to split the column before importing into VanillaSoft.  Steps to do this are:

  1. Open file in Excel
  2. Move the Full Name column to the farthest right column available to make room for the split
  3. Highlight the Full Name column
  4. Go to Data
  5. Go To Text to Columns
  6. This will pull up the Excel Wizard
  7. Click Delimited and Next
  8. Check "Space" if column if your current text is split with a space (John Smith) or check "Comma" if your text is split with a comma (Smith, John)
  9. Select Text Qualifier as {None} and Next
  10. Select Text and Finish


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