Setting Appointment Reminders

To set up an Appointment Notification Reminder

When booking an appointment with a Contact for either a VanillaSoft User or an External Agent, you can have an appointment notification reminder email and/or SMS text message automatically sent to the Contact in advance of the appointment.

  1. Login to VanillaSoft as an Administrator.
  2. Click on the Projects menu on the top left and select a Project.
  3. Within the Project, click on the Workflow/Routing menu and select Appointment Setting.
  4. Check ‘Send Email and SMS Reminders to Contacts’, which expands the box.
  5. Select if you want the Appointment Notification Reminder to be applied to all appointment setting result codes or to individual appointment setting result codes. (If you choose ‘Individual’, you then have control for each individual template.)
  6. Select an Email Template and/or a SMS template. (If you don’t have any templates, you will need to create one).
  7. Select the number of minutes, hours or days that you want the reminder to be sent in advance of the appointment.
  8. Click Save.
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