Incoming Web Lead Field Names: Prospect America

Using our Web Lead Integration is a quick and easy way to get contacts into your database with very minimal work. Once configured, you will be able to continually get contacts from your contact/lead source and have them imported automatically. To see how to setup your incoming web leads, click here.

Prospect America is a 3rd-party web lead provider. When creating your incoming web lead profile within VanillaSoft, please use the following field names:

• Address
• Age
• City
• Company
• County
• CurrentCarrier
• Email
• FirstName
• LastName
• Notes
• Notes
• PA_Agent
• Phone
• State
• Zip

We suggest that you also map your Lead Source field and enter "Prospect America" into the Default Value column so that you may track your leads.

After mapping fields click Save and the posting URL will become available to copy and send to your Prospect America account rep.

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