Setting up VanillaSoft AirDialer for iOS


l. About AirDialer.

ll. For Admins: Before you start.

lll. For Admins: AirDialer when adding a new user.

lV. Setting up Airdialer for Callers.

V. How to call using AirDialer.

  • If you are an Admin, make sure you follow steps in sections l-lV.
  • If you are Caller, proceed to section V.

l. About AirDialer

This article refers to the use of VanillaSoft AirDialer with Apple iOS. To use AirDialer with Android, click here.

VanillaSoft AirDialer is an alternative method of making calls from VanillaSoft without requiring a VoIP service. Instead, when a call is initiated within Vanillasoft, the user’s mobile phone is first dialed, and once answered, the call is automatically made to the contact from your mobile phone.

If you have SMS enabled within VanillaSoft, you can also send SMS messages directly from VanillaSoft using VanillaSoft AirDialer. Similar to the description above for calling, when an SMS message is initiated from VanillaSoft, AirDialer connects to your mobile phone, and the SMS message is then sent from your mobile phone.

VanillaSoft AirDialer is currently in Beta and is only being made available to certain customers. There is no cost to use AirDialer with VanillaSoft while it is in Beta, but once officially released, there will be a monthly fee similar to the fee currently being charged for VanillaSoft VoIP.


ll. For Admins. Before starting, ensure your VanillaSoft account meet the following requirements.

1. Your account must have AirDialer activated. To request AirDialer to be activated on your VanillaSoft account, please contact

2. Making calls from within VanillaSoft, whether using AirDialer, VanillaSoft VoIP, or another VoIP provider, requires the VanillaSoft user to have a dialing license.

3. The use of VanillaSoft AirDialer requires the use of data on your mobile phone. It is recommended that your phone be connected to wifi while using AirDialer.

4. The use of VanillaSoft AirDialer for SMS requires the use of a text plan on the user’s mobile phone.

5. Once VanillaSoft AirDialer has been activated on a VanillaSoft account, proceed to the next step: AirDialer when adding a new user or Setting up Airdialer for users.


lll. For Admins. AirDialer when adding a new user.

If you want to add a new user that will use AirDialer, please do the following steps:

1. Log in as an Account Admin

2. Go to Users

3. Go to Add New User

4. Fill out the required information (the Email will be used as the From address for sent emails)

5. Select the User type and select Auto-dialing.

6. In the VS VoIP Line section select “No VS VoIP line for now, thanks”.

7. Click Save.


lV. For Admins. Setting up Airdialer for users.

1. Login to VanillaSoft on your computer.

2. Click on the email address shown on the top right of the screen.

3. Click on the Dialing Info menu.

4. Select SIP from the Line Type section.

5. From the Line provider dropdown, select AirDialer.

6. Click Save Changes.


V. For Callers. How to call using AirDialer.

1. On your phone click on this link to download: AirDialer for iOS.  

2. The link will lead you to the page that is shown on a screen below.

3. Follow the shown on the screen: 

  • Get TestFlight
  • Go back to the page: AirDialer for iOS
  • Click on Start Testing to get VanillaSoft Beta

4. Login to VanillaSoft on your computer.

5. Click on the email address shown on the top right of the screen.

6. Click on the Dialing Info menu. There will be AirDialer instruction and QR-code as shown below:

7. Open VanillaSoft app on your phone and select AirDialer app.

8. On your phone click on “scan to connect” and scan the QR code that is shown on your VanillaSoft Dialing Info.

9. “Connected to VanillaSoft” should appear on your phone screen.

10. All set! You can now use AirDialer for VanillaSoft!

11. To start calling use dialing button on VanillaSoft Caller Page.


Once you close or leave the AirDialer app on your phone it will be disconnected from VanillaSoft. To reconnect, please follow steps 7-8.

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