How To Recycle Contacts Through The Routing Queue

With the Query tool from the Admin side of VanillaSoft, you are able to recycle contacts through the routing queue. This could be used if a contact is currently not flagged (not in the routing queue) or it's flagged but not available until a future date. Once a contact has been re-flagged, it immediately becomes available for contact. 

To note:
- If the contact is closed, it will need to be re-opened before flagging.
- If a contact is currently flagged, re-flagging will make it available and bump it to the top of the queue.

In order to re-flag contacts you must be logged in to the Admin side of the project and do the following: 
1. Go into the Contacts & Reports section.
2. From here, select Contact Management from the left-hand pane.
3. Click Build a New Query at the top or select an existing query from the list below.
4. Here you will need to move all desired fields over for filtering. Once you are done building the query with the filtering you would like, select Run Query to view the results.
5. Select Perform Task at the top of the results and choose Flag Contacts.
6. You will get a warning box indicating that you are about to modify x amount of contacts, which you will need to click Confirm to proceed.

Once this is done, the query will re-run automatically and the contacts will now be re-routing through the routing queue. 

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