How To Embed A Web Page

If you have a web page that you would like to have available while making calls, you can embed the web page right into one of the panels of the Caller side. This is a great tool if your contacts have a website that you would like to look at while calling, you have to do searches for each contact, or many other benefits. In order to enable this, you will need to have Admin access to VanillaSoft.

To embed a web page to the Caller side:
1. Go into the project as an Admin.
2. Click on the Page Layout tab from the top of the page.
3. Click on the Create Web Tab button.
4. Enter a name which you will use for reference later, then enter the full URL (note: you are able to use a contact variable for this).
5. Once you have entered the information, click Save and you will be brought back to the Page Layout section.
6. Now select the newly created Web Tab from the Available Tabs drop-down, select the panel number you would like the page to be displayed in, then click Add.
7. Now click Save and the web page will be displayed from the Caller side for this project.

To Note:
- This is a project setting so if you would like this panel to be available for other projects, you would have to make the changes for all applicable projects. 
- Not all web pages will allow for this as it depends on the restrictions set from the website itself. There is nothing VanillaSoft can do if a website blocks the ability to embed. 

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