Submit a Ticket to Support

There are several ways you can reach our Technical Support department. If you need to reach Technical Support, you can:
- Call 1-866-763-8826 ext. 2
- Send an email to
- Start a chat from by clicking the Answer_Bot.png icon
- Submit a ticket through this Knowledge Base page

To submit a ticket to Support through this Knowledge Base page:
1. From the top-right corner of this page, or just below this article, click on Submit a Ticket.
2. Fill out the form making sure to include as many details as possible.
3. Click Submit at the bottom.

Your ticket has been submitted and you should receive a confirmation email indicating that your request has been received. You can then check the status of your ticket by clicking here and following the steps in the article.

Note: If you do not receive a confirmation email, please verify that you have entered a valid email address in the form or have logged in using an email address that you have access to. 

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