How To Create an SMS Template

Using SMS templates will allow your efficiency levels to go up while work required to go down. It allows you to send messages to your contacts without having to type the entire message out every time. Use an SMS template in combination with a Contact Variable to really personalize your message without having to dig for certain information. 

Note: It is strongly recommended to take a look at our SMS Best Practices article to prevent velocity issues. 


Create an SMS Template:

  1. Login as an Admin.
  2. Select the desired project.
  3. From the menu at the top, select the Email, SMS & Docs tab, then the SMS Templates section.
  4. Give the template a name and then click Add Template.
  5. Enter the template text and click Save once complete.
  6. To make the template available for use, click back on the SMS Templates section, check the Available to Callers checkbox, then click Save. 
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