Chrome Dialing Popup Fix

Since Google released the current version of Chrome, the ability to click-to-dial or progressive dial has changed. Because of this issue, when you go to dial, you will see this box appear:


There is no setting within Chrome nor VanillaSoft to disable this popup, which means you have to click Open VS Connect each time you want the call to connect. There is a way to fix this so you never get that popup again however. Since this makes changes to the registry, you will need to have Administrative access to your computer.

Note: This is a Windows-only fix at this time. This is not tested or supported by VanillaSoft. VanillaSoft does not recommend that any changes are made to the registry. If you are not comfortable following these steps, please consult an I.T. professional or don't make the changes. If you proceed with these steps, you understand that VanillaSoft is not responsible for any potential issues caused by make the following changes. View the Original Source.


Remove Popup

  1. Download and run the ChromeFix.reg file.
  2. Click Yes on the first popup which agrees to making the change.
  3. Once it's completed, click Ok to close the second popup.
  4. Close all of your Chrome windows.
  5. Open Chrome again and log in to VanillaSoft.

You can test if this worked by making a call. You should no longer get the popup asking for permission when dialing out. Below is a visual step-by-step that you can follow. 


 Step 1



 Step 2 



 Step 3



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