Additional SMS Charges for USHA Agents

Depending on your workflow, you may encounter additional charges for use of the SMS feature. Read below to familiarize yourself all the reasons you may see an increase on your invoice.


Cost Per SMS Number

Each addition SMS number costs $1 per billing cycle. If you delete an SMS number, you will no longer have the additional cost for that number. If you make an SMS number inactive, you will still be charged for that number.


Cost for Outgoing SMS Messages

You have a total limit of 1,000 included sent SMS messages per billing cycle. Send up to and including 1,000 messages without having any extra charges. Any sent messages over this 1,000 limit are charged at a rate of $0.01 per message. Adding more SMS numbers will have no effect on the 1,000 message limit as the SMS limit is shared among all the numbers you have. 

Note: If a message fails to send, it still counts toward the 1,000 message limit as it still an attempt.


Cost for Incoming SMS Messages

There are no additional charges for received SMS messages regardless of the amount. Incoming SMS messages are included and unlimited.  


When You Will See The Charges

Additional SMS charges are billed based on your previous billing period and will be added to your next invoice. If you cancel your subscription, you will be responsible for paying any charges due for the previous invoicing period.

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