SMS Number Health Meter for USHA Agents

The SMS number health meter represents the percentage of successful messages sent relative to the number of messages blocked in the past 15 days for a given SMS number. The higher the health percentage, the less likely it is that the SMS number has been flagged or blocked by carriers. However, it is possible that your SMS number is blocked even though you have a relatively healthy status. For more information on preventing your SMS number from getting blocked, visit our SMS Best Practices article. 


View SMS number Health Meter

  1. Log in to VanillaSoft as a Caller.
  2. Click on your username in the top-right corner.
  3. Select SMS Numbers from the left-hand pane.



Here you will see a list of all your SMS numbers and how healthy they are.  If the health meter is low, you can uncheck the Available checkbox to prevent further messages from going out (while maintaining the ability to receive incoming messages), then add an additional SMS number to use by following the steps in our Add New SMS Number for USHA Agents article. 

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