SMS Status Descriptions

When you send an SMS message within VanillaSoft, you will see one of five statuses on that message. The status indicates if your message was successful or if there was an issue. Below lists what each status indicates to help you increase your deliverability. 

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If your SMS status is Sent, this indicates your message successfully left our server and on-route to the recipient. This does not always indicate that the recipient received the message, but only that it has successfully left the VanillaSoft servers. If there are any issues with the message reaching the recipient, the issue would be outside of VanillaSoft and need to be investigated with the recipient's carrier. 



If your SMS status is Undeliverable, this indicates the number you have sent a message to is either an invalid number or can not receive SMS messages. 



If your SMS status is Failed, this indicates your message did not leave the VanillaSoft server. This could be caused by an issue with your VoIP account, your number being blocked due to spam, or you may just need to retry to send your message. 



If your SMS status is Rejected, this indicates that the destination carrier or recipient has rejected the message. This may be caused by the carrier having a flag on your number or the recipient having your number blocked. 



If your SMS status is Blocked, this indicates that your VoIP number has been blocked due to spam. More information on why this happens as well as what to do when you have been blocked can be found in our SMS Blocked from Sending article. 

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