View and Manage your SMS Numbers for USHA Agents

In addition to your SMS-enabled VoIP number, you also have the ability to add additional SMS numbers. By sending SMS text messages from different numbers, you will be able to “balance the load” and reduce the likelihood of any one number being blocked. Adding additional SMS numbers also allows you to send text messages ‘from’ the local area code of a prospect.


View and Manage your SMS Numbers

  1. Click on your username in the top-right corner.
  2. Select SMS Numbers from the left-hand pane.

You will be presented with a Sent SMS Messages Overview section as well as an SMS Numbers section. Below is a breakdown of each section.


Sent SMS Messages Overview


  • Billing Period - The dates between your last invoice's closing date and your next invoice's opening date.
  • Total Messages Sent - A count of all SMS messages sent. This includes all Delivered, Undelivered, and Blocked.
  • Overage - How many SMS messages were sent beyond your allotted 1,000 limit. 
  • Overage Charge - The total cost amount that will be added to your current next invoice. 

For more information on SMS charges, please refer to our Additional SMS Charges for USHA Agents article.


SMS Numbers


Note: The VoIP icon mceclip0.png indicates that this is your main VoIP line, which can not be deleted.

  • Available - The “Available” checkbox indicates that the SMS number is available to be used as the ‘Send From’ number.
    • Note: The one exception to this is even if “Available” is unchecked for an SMS number, when that number has previously been used on a contact, it can continue to be used.
  • Health - This number represents the percentage of successful messages sent relative to the number of messages blocked in the past 15 days for a given SMS number. The higher the number, the less likely it is that the SMS number has been flagged or blocked by carriers.
  • SMS Number - The SMS number that you have created will show in this column.
  • State/Prov. - The state or province local to the area code of your SMS number.
  • Date Added - The date of which your SMS number was created.
  • Active Drips - The Active Drips column shows the total number of drip campaigns that are active for each SMS number.
  • Total Sent - All SMS messages sent (Total Sent = Delivered + Undelivered + Blocked).
  • Delivered - SMS messages that have been sent and have been accepted or delivered by the carrier.
  • Undelivered - SMS messages that are in a status of Failed, Opted-Out, Provider Not Found or Line Deactivated.
  • Blocked - SMS messages that are in a status of Blocked for Spam (i.e. carrier violation).
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