How to Access the Heads Up Display (HUD) as an Administrator

If a VanillaSoft VoIP line has been set up as a Supervisor, it can be beneficial to log into the Heads Up Display (HUD) instead of signing directly into VanillaSoft. Using the HUD allows you to view, monitor, and supervise calls being made by other users within your account.

To Access the HUD:

  1. Login to your VanillaSoft VoIP portal using your username and password.
  2. From the left-hand menu, select HUD.

Note: If you haven’t registered for the new VoIP portal, follow the Registering for the New VoIP Portal article to get signed in.

From here, you will be given a few different option. Here is a summary of what each section would be used for:

HUD Grid/HUD Table
These 2 sections are essentially the same but just have a different look. If you prefer seeing your agents in grid form, you would select HUD Grid. If you prefer to see them in table form, you would select HUD Table. From here, you are able to monitor calls. To note, you are only able to see 50 agents at a time. If you have more than 50 agents that you would like to monitor, consider creating HUD Groups.

HUD Permissions
You can set the following permissions for your extensions by clicking edit beside the desired user to select:
- Full Access - Enable the HUD for specific extensions
- No Access - Disable the HUD for specific extensions
- Hide Caller ID - Hides caller ID in the HUD
- Toggle On Demand Call Recording and set an extension for those call recordings to save to

HUD Groups
The HUD can either display all extensions in your company, or you can set up specific groups to be displayed as an option. You can set up your own groups for your own purposes. You can set up as many groups/groupings as you want.

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