How to Delete an Import

After you have imported a spreadsheet into VanillaSoft, you have the option to delete this import with a few simple clicks. This comes in handy if you mapped fields improperly, or added the contacts to the wrong project, or any other reason that you may want to undo the import. If you're not sure how to import contacts into VanillaSoft, take a look at our How to Import Contacts article.


Delete Imported File

  1. Log in to VanillaSoft as an Admin.
  2. Go into the project that the contacts reside.
  3. Select the Contacts & Reports tab and then click on the View Imported Contacts section.
  4. Click the X beside the import that you wish to delete, then click OK on the confirmation box.

Your spreadsheet has now been deleted. You will still see the information listed but there will no longer be an X beside it. This simply means that the import has been deleted and the contacts are no longer in your database.

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