How does SmartCaller ID work?

Studies show that people are more likely to answer a call from an unknown caller if the number is from their local area. SmartCaller ID (also referred to as local presence) is a feature that, when added to your VanillaSoft VoIP account, displays a local number to the caller ID of the person called.

How SmartCaller ID works:

  1. Order the desired area codes (minimum of 6) through your VanillaSoft Account Rep or by emailing
  2. A unique SmartCaller ID phone number will be assigned for each area code. These SmartCaller ID numbers will be added to your SmartCaller ID pool (this pool of numbers is separate to your regular VoIP numbers).
  3. When you make a call, the area code of the number called is matched to the corresponding area code in your SmartCaller ID pool. If a match exists, the SmartCaller ID number will be displayed on the Contact's caller ID.

What if a Contact returns my call using the SmartCaller ID number shown on their phone's caller ID?

  1. When setting up your SmartCaller ID you will designate one of your VanillaSoft VoIP numbers as a 'target' number. When the Contact returns a call to the SmartCaller ID number shown on their Caller ID, the call will be directed to the target number. (Note that only one target number is allowed for all SmartCaller ID numbers.)
  2. You can also select a SmartCaller ID intelligent routing option. When the Contact returns a call to the number shown on their caller ID, the call will be routed to the last VanillaSoft VoIP line that dialed the number within the previous seven days. If it is beyond seven days, the call will be routed to the original target number.
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