Account Types in VanillaSoft

There are 5 different account types within VanillaSoft, which can grant or prevent accounts from accessing certain sections, tools, contacts, etc. Each account type has the ability to have dialing and recording added if needed. In this article, we will go over what each type allows.

  • Limited – A Limited account type gives access to the Caller side but without any contact routing. The user is automatically taken to their calendar or their list of owned contacts upon login. This log in is designed for Sales Representatives that do not do much outbound calling but will be following up on leads within the system allowing management to track the entire cycle.
  • Caller – A Caller account gives full access to the Caller side (Admins have the ability to restrict access to certain areas). This includes contact routing, running reports, scheduling callback/appointments in a calendar, modifying Intelective Routing filters, and much more.
  • Administrator - An Administrator is able to do configure most of a User's or Project's settings. This includes but is not limited to managing features such as Reports, Result Codes, Email Templates, SMS Templates, Page Layout, Incoming/Outgoing Web Leads, Routing Queue, and much more. If a change is needed, an Administrator can usually make the desired change. 
  • Admin Combo - An Admin Combo combines the access of both an Administrator with a Caller as listed above. An Admin Combo has access to the Admin side of VanillaSoft as well as the Caller side. They are able to make User and Project changes as well as make calls to contacts.
  • Account Admin Combo - An Account Admin has all access that an Admin Combo would have, but they have a few extra features included. An Account Admin is able to add users, delete users, change a user's account type, enable/disable call recording, set search restrictions for contacts, set Project/Team switching access restrictions, and make any other changes that would affect the monthly plan. By default, the first user that registers for a new account will be flagged as the Account Admin. 

Account types can be changed by the Account Admin by following our How To Change User Type article.

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