How to Set Up Incoming Web Leads

The Incoming Web lead feature in Vanillasoft gives you the ability to capture contact information either (i) directly from visitors who have filled out a web form, or (ii) as real-time posts from third party sources or external applications.

To set up Incoming Web leads:

  1. Login to Vanillasoft as an Admin.
  2. Select project.
  3. Click on the Integration menu.
  4. Click on Incoming Web Leads.
  5. Click Add Incoming Web Leads.
  6. Check the Active box.
  7. Fill in the name and description of this particular lead source.
  8. To receive an email notification after every successful web lead import, enter one or more email addresses in the Email on Success field. (Separate multiple addresses with a comma.)
  9. To receive an email notification if there is an import error, enter one or more email addresses in the Email on Error field. (Separate multiple addresses with a comma.)
  10. If your leads are coming from a web form, you can enter a Return URL, which is the location where each prospect will be redirected after your web form has been submitted.
  11. Determine the Options settings and enter at least one Field Mapping (described below).
  12. Click Save
  13. Posting URL: Once you have saved your Incoming Web Lead settings, a Posting URL will appear. Copy and send this URL to your webmaster or lead provider that will be posting the leads to Vanillasoft.

Incoming Web Lead Options

  • 'Auto Flag New Contacts' controls if you want new web leads to automatically be placed into the calling queue (flagged).
  • 'Route New Contacts as a first priority'
  • 'Do not route new web leads for for x minutes' allows you to set a delay before a web lead will be routed.
  • 'Do not allow duplicates to be created'. An incoming web lead is a duplicate of another contact if any of its phone numbers matches a phone number on an existing contact in the project. If enabled and a duplicate lead is rejected, an email will be sent to the email addresses in the 'Email on Error' field.
  • 'Flag Duplicates': Controls whether duplicate web leads (based on the phone numbers on the contact) are placed into the calling queue (flagged).
  • 'Update Existing Contacts': You can update an existing contact inside the project with new information from an incoming web lead instead of creating a new contact. An existing contacts is determined by the 'Update Key Field'
  • 'Update Key Field' is used to match the incoming web lead with an existing contact. Note that only one of the following fields (if mapped) can be used as an Update Key: ContactID, E-mail, Any Phone Label, Any Other Info Label or SalesForce ID.
  • 'Update Only (do not add new)': If enabled, new contacts are never created.
  • 'Route Updated Contacts as a First Priority': 
  • 'Reopen/flag Updated Contacts and Flag Duplicates': When an existing contact is updated it will be placed back into the calling queue, even if it was previously closed.
  • Field Mappings: Match the Web-Form Field of an incoming web lead to the equivalent Vanillasoft Field.
  • A Default Value can be set to populate the Vanillasoft field when a field being imported is blank.
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