How to Set Up Incoming Web Leads

The Incoming Web Lead feature in Vanillasoft gives you the ability to capture contact information either directly from visitors who have filled out a web form, or as real-time posts from third party sources or external applications.


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Step 1 - Getting Started with a New Incoming Web Lead

  1. Log in to VanillaSoft as an Admin.

  2. Select the desired Project.

  3. Open the Integration menu and select the Incoming Web Leads section.
  4. Click the Add Incoming Web Leads button at the top of the page.


Step 2 - Entering Incoming Web Lead Information


  • Name the Incoming Web Lead to keep your lead sources organized. This is the only required field.
  • Description is not required but it can be used to add any notes or more detailed information for this Incoming Web Lead. 
  • Email on Success allows you to receive an email notification for every successful web lead import. If you would like an email notification to be sent to multiple addresses, enter as many as desired (each address separated by a comma).
  • Email on Error allows you to receive an email notification for every unsuccessful web lead import. If you would like an email notification to be sent to multiple addresses, enter as many as desired (each address separated by a comma).
  • Return URL is used if your leads are coming from a web form. You would enter the URL where you want each prospect to be redirected to after your web form has been submitted.


Step 3 - Configuring the Options


  • Auto Flag New Contacts allows if you want new web leads to automatically be placed into the calling queue (flagged).
  • Route New Contacts as a First Priority allows the most recently added web leads to be routed before leads that are already in the routing queue. 
  • Do not route new web leads for X minutes allows you to set a delay before a web lead will be routed.
  • Do not allow duplicates to be created allows incoming web leads to not be added if another contact has a matching phone number. If enabled and a duplicate lead is rejected, an email will be sent to the email addresses in the Email on Error field.
  • Flag Duplicates controls whether duplicate web leads are placed into the calling queue. Duplicates are determined by the contact's phone number. 
  • Update Existing Contacts gives you the option to update an existing contact inside the project with new information from an incoming web lead instead of creating a new contact. An existing contact is determined by the Update Key Field:
    • Update Key Field is used to match the incoming web lead with an existing contact. Only one of the following mapped fields can be used as an Update Key: ContactID, E-mail, Any Phone Label, Any Other Info Label, or SalesForce ID.
    • Update Only (do not add new) prevents new contacts from being added, but instead will only allow for contacts existing within your Project to be updated.
    • Route Updated Contacts as a First Priority allows the most recently updated web leads to be routed before leads that are already in the routing queue. 
    • Reopen/flag Updated Contacts and Flag Duplicates will place any updated contacts back into the calling queue, even if that contact has been previously closed.


Step 4 - Field Mapping

In order to map your Incoming Web Lead fields, you will need to obtain the correct field names from the lead source. The field name listed in our Incoming Web Lead Field Names articles may not be the most up-to-date information, they are simply the information VanillaSoft found/received at the time of research. To ensure you have the correct list, we suggest you reach out to the lead source directly.

  1. Open the VanillaSoft Field drop-down and select the desired VanillaSoft field.
  2. If applicable, type the incoming web lead field name in the Web Form Field text box.
  3. If applicable, type the desired information in the Default Value text box. mceclip4.png
  4. Once the mapping is done for this field, click the green plus symbol.
  5. Repeat steps 1-5 until all fields are mapped correctly.


Step 5 - Start Receiving Web Leads

Now that everything is mapped and configured correctly, you are ready to start receiving Incoming Web Leads from your lead source directly into your VanillaSoft database. Follow these 2 steps to finalize the configuration for this Incoming Web Lead.

  1. Check the Active box then click Save.
  2. A Posting URL should appear. Give that URL to your lead source.

Once your lead source has the Posting URL, they are able to send Incoming Web Leads directly into your VanillaSoft database. 

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