How to Set Up Incoming Web Leads

Incoming Web leads give you the power to capture contact information  instantaneously, directly from visitors who have filled out a web form.  As soon as they submit the form, the contact information is automatically imported into VanillaSoft.
To set up incoming live Webleads either from your website or purchased leads from a 3rd party source:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select project
  3. Go to Lead Integration
  4. Click the Add button on the Incoming Web Leads page
  5. Check Active box
  6. Fill in Name and description about this particular WebLead  source
  7. Fill in Email on Success with Email address/es that should receive a notification after every web lead import (separate multiple addresses with a comma)
  8. Fill in Email on Error with Email address/es that should receive a notification if there is an error on the import (separate multiple addresses with a comma)
  9. Check Update Existing Contacts if
  10. Check Auto-Flag New Contacts if you want new web leads to automatically be placed into the calling queue (flagged) and can be made first priority under the Project Details page
  11. Check Flag Duplicates if you want web leads with duplicate phone numbers of contacts already in your project to be placed in call queue
  12. If your website does not have a re-direct page set-up to return to (location where prospect will be redirected after web form has been submitted) fill in a URL for redirect here
  13. Save before Field Mapping!
  14. Map fields - Incoming fields need to be mapped to a VanillaSoft field. Enter the exact name of the incoming field in the Web Form Field text box. A Default Value can be used to replace incoming blank values.
  15. Save
  16. Go to Incoming Web Leads - here you will see the Post Link column with the URL for your new WebLead.  Copy and send the URL to your webmaster or lead provider that will be posting the leads to VanillaSoft.
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