Difference Between Admin and Account Admin

There are 2 types of Admin User licenses available within VanillaSoft; Admin and Account Admin. There is no price difference between the two types of accounts, but there are permission differences. 

Here is a list of functions an Account Admin can perform but an Admin can not:

  • Add Users
  • Delete Users
  • Manage User licenses (edit dialing and recording licenses and edit User type)
  • Set Search Restrictions for Users
  • Set Switching Restrictions for Users
  • Assign Team Result Codes
  • Access the Account section within VanillaSoft


By default, the first user to create a new VanillaSoft account is the Account Admin. There is no limit on how many Account Admin, Admin, or Caller Users an account can have. As prices may be affected by Account Type changes, please reach out to our Sales team by calling 866-763-8826 option 1 or by emailing sales@vanillasoft.com if you have any questions regarding fees.


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