How to set-up dialing with Ring Central and IP phone

VanillaSoft dialing with RingCentral and an IP Phone will function as a ring-back to your IP Phone. To set up dialing with RingCentral and an IP phone (desktop phone):

Admin Set-up:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Go to Users
  3. Go to Manage User Licenses
  4. Check the Auto-Dialing box that corresponds to the User Name
  5. Save
  6. Click on User Name which takes you to Edit User
  7. In the Dialing Information section select SIP and RingCentral Phone from the dropdown
  8. Next enter the the RingCentral phone number

Caller Set-up (Registration only required on first dial):

  1. Login as Caller
  2. Click the dialing icon
  3. The first time this is done a RingCentral grant authorization form will pop up requiring your RingCentral credentials.  Enter:
    • RingCentral phone number
    • Extension (if applicable)
    • Password
    • Click Login
    • Next page screen will ask the agent to authorize VanillaSoft to make calls

Once authorized, the first call will be made. Please note your credentials will remain active until here is no usage for several consecutive days.  When prompted simply enter credentials again.


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