Change Information Displayed in Calendar

By default, your VanillaSoft calendar shows the first and last name of the contacts scheduled. This is a setting that can be changed to allow you to show first and last name, company name, or company name and first name. Having the ability to change which information is shown helps keep your schedule as clean and organized as possible. Follow the steps below to make the desired changes. 


Change Preferred Information

  1. Open your Calendar.
    • Admin: Click on Users from the top of your page, then click User Calendar
    • Caller: Click Calendar from the top of your page
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Open the Names Shown in Calendar drop-down.
  4. Select the desired setting.



Once the change has been made, you do not need to save this setting. You should now see the desired information in your calendar. 

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