Zapier Integration

The VanillaSoft integration with Zapier is currently in test mode, meaning that you can only access the VanillaSoft app within Zapier by using the Zapier link shown in the instructions below.

Before getting started, it is important to understand what this integration entails:

- Setting up VanillaSoft as a trigger means that each time a call is resulted in VanillaSoft, the fields you have mapped to the other app (through Zapier) will be sent immediately.

- Setting up VanillaSoft as an action means that when you trigger something to happen from another app, Zapier will push that data into VanillaSoft (whether a new contact or an update to an existing contact) as determined by the apps trigger mechanism.

To get started:

1. You first need to generate a unique Integration Key in VanillaSoft that you will enter into Zapier:

  • If you are an Account Admin:
    • You can generate a key for yourself, another Account Admin, or an Admin Combo.
    • Although it is possible to generate keys for multiple users, the typical use is to generate just one key for the person who will be doing the setup in Zapier.
    • A key generated for an Account Admin gives the Account Admin access in Zapier to all VanillaSoft projects, whereas a key generated for an Admin Combo gives the Admin Combo access in Zapier to only the VanillaSoft projects the Admin Combo has access.
    • To generate an Integration Key, login to VanillaSoft, and on the Admin-side, click on the Users menu and select the Account Admin or Admin Combo. On the Edit User page, select the Integration Key tab, generate a key, and then copy that key.
  • If you are an Admin Combo:
    • An Account Admin can generate a key on your behalf (and share that key with you), or, if an Account Admin has granted you permission to do so, you can generate a key for yourself. (The Account Admin can grant you permission in VanillaSoft on the Admin Permissions page of the Admin Combo).
    • Your key gives you access in Zapier to only the VanillaSoft projects you have access.

2. Once you have an Integration Key, click here to obtain and accept the invite to enable Zapier on your account. When asked, enter your Integration Key.

3. Make your first Zap in Zapier!

4. Once you have successfully created a Zap, you can view details of your Triggers and Actions in VanillaSoft by clicking on the Integration menu, and clicking the Zapier option. (Note: If you are an Admin Combo, your Account Admin must first grant you permission to see the Zapier option. The Account Admin does this in VanillaSoft on the Admin Permissions page of the Admin Combo).

  • By default all result codes are checked on the Triggers page, meaning all result codes will trigger data to be sent to Zapier. If you want to limit the triggering of data to only certain result codes, check or uncheck the appropriate Result Codes on the Triggers page. 


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