Enter Salesforce Credentials and Define App Options

Create Salesforce Credentials

  1. Sign into VanillaSoft
  2. Go to Admin » [Choose Project] » Integration » Salesforce Integrations
  3. Enter your Salesforce username
  4. Enter your Salesforce password
  5. Enter your Salesforce Security Token — [How to Set or Reset your Salesforce Security Token]
  6. Select your Target/Endpoint (default is Production) — [Connecting and Testing Salesforce in a Sandbox Environment]
  7. Click "Test Account"
  8. If validation passes, click "Save"


What User Credentials Should I Use?

  • By default, all NEW contacts and leads are assigned to the default Salesforce user (the user who supplied the credentials for this project). New tasks and events will always be assigned to the owner of the parent contact or lead.
  • The object owner can be reassigned on the integration configuration page.


Delete Salesforce Credentials

Deleting your credentials will clear out the entered username, password, and security token. Any integrations will be inactive until valid credentials are entered.


Define Salesforce App Options

If you are only going to send data from VanillaSoft to Salesforce and you will be managing the integration inside VanillaSoft (ie. not using the VanillaSoft Unite app) , this section does not apply to you.

Do you want to send data from Salesforce to VanillaSoft?

  • Check the box beside "Allow Salesforce App to SEND data to VanillaSoft via App Integrations."
  • Any integrations created in Salesforce — and triggered — will show up below under the "Salesforce → VanillaSoft" tab on the Salesforce Integrations page.

Do you want to manage your VanillaSoft to Salesforce integrations inside Salesforce?

  • Check the box beside "Allow Salesforce App to Create/Modify 'VanillaSoft to Salesforce' Integrations".
  • You will be able to create new integrations and manage existing ones.


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