Send Appointment Email Notification to Agents

When booking an appointment within VanillaSoft, you can have an appointment notification email sent automatically to the Agent and/or the Contact. In this article, we will cover setting up an Email Notification to the Agent.

Note: in order for the notification email to be sent, you must have the ability to send emails from your VanillaSoft account. It may be required that you configure your email account to do this. For more information on how to get your email account configured, take a look at our Setting Up Your Email Account article


Send Email Notification to Agents

  1. Log in to VanillaSoft as an Admin.
  2. Select the desired Project.
  3. Open the Workflow/Routing menu shown at the top and select Appointment Setting.
  4. Check the Send Email Notification to Agents checkbox (as seen below).
  5. Open the Select Email Template drop-down and select the desired settings:
    • For All Result Codes - The same settings will apply to all and any Result Code that sets an appointment.
    • For Each Result Code - You have the ability to determine which Result Code sends which email template, or choose to only send an email for certain Result Codes but not others.
  6. Open the Email Template drop-down, and select the desired email template.
  7. If you want to send a calendar invite, open the Calendar Invite Template drop-down, and select the desired template otherwise select None.
  8. If you have selected a Calendar Invite Template, you will see Calendar Invite Display Options.
  9. If this is the case, select one of the following options:
    • Calendar invite embedded in email (Note: Email attachments will not be sent) - This will include the appointment invitation inside the body of the email. 
    • Calendar invite included as an email attachment - This will have the appointment invitation as an attachment to the email. 
  10. Once done, click Save. 


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