VoIP Provider Features Comparison

VanillaSoft works with most VoIP solutions. However, not all options advertised will work with a 3rd party VoIP provider. Below is a breakdown of VanillaSoft’s VoIP features, specifying which will work with 3rd party solutions and which require using our native VoIP solution (VS Connect).



3rd Party VoIP

VanillaSoft VoIP

Auto dial
Call recording
Monitor calls  
Whisper during call  
Break-in during call  
Talk time data tracking  
Voicemail drop  
Inbound call pop  
SmartCaller ID  
Project-based Caller ID  
HUD live call display  
SMS (send/receive)  


If you are currently using a 3rd party VoIP provider and would like to learn more on VanillaSoft VoIP, please contact our Sales department by emailing sales@vanillasoft.com or calling 866-763-8826 ext. 1.

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