How To Create an Email Template

Using email templates will allow your efficiency levels to go up while work required to go down. It allows you to send emails to your contacts without having to type the entire message out every time. Use an email template in combination with a Contact Variable to really personalize your message without having to dig for certain information. 

Note: You are not able to send the same template to the same contact more than once. This is by design to prevent sending a contact duplicate emails. If you would like to send the same information to a contact as you have in the past, a second template would be needed or you can copy and paste the information into a blank message then send as an email.


Create an Email Template

  1. Login as an Admin.
  2. Select the desired project.
  3. From the menu at the top, select the Email, SMS & Docs tab, then the Email Templates section.
  4. In the Manage Selected Email Template section, click Add.
  5. Give the template a name and click Add.
  6. Enter template text in either HTML Body or Plain Text Body depending on configuration.
  7. To make the template available for use, check the Available to Callers checkbox beside Status.
  8. Once done, click Save.
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