Download and Login to VS Connect

VS Connect is your VanillaSoft VoIP line's softphone. If you are using a VanillaSoft VoIP line, you would need to install VS Connect in order to make calls. You are able to install VS Connect on multiple computers but can only be logged in to one at a time. You can not log in on more than 1 computer at the same time. If you need to allow access to more computers, you will need to reach out to your sales representative by calling 1-866-763-8826 option 1.

Note: VS Connect can only be installed on a Windows or Mac OS based computer. Tablets are not supported.

To Download VS Connect

If you are using a PC, click here and the download will begin automatically.

If you are using a Mac, click here and the download will begin automatically.

Logging in to VS Connect

Once you have completed the installation of VS Connect, you will need to run it and log in using your VanillaSoft VoIP line number (making sure to have the 1 in front).

Password: 15555555555

If you have an extension, you will need to enter it as followed:
Password: 15555555555.123

If you are getting an error stating "Device Activation Limit Reached" when trying to log in, have your admin follow this article.

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