Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are keys or combinations of keys that provide an alternative way to do something that you would typically do with a mouse.

Windows OS users: Press and hold Ctrl and Alt keys, then type the shortcut key(s).
Mac OS users: Press and hold Ctrl and OPTION keys, then type the shortcut key(s). Replace "Alt" below with Option key.

Note: If you try a keyboard shortcut and it does not work, then you do not have permission to use the function.

Main Menu shortcuts

Menu Keyboard Shortcut (Windows/MacOs) Tips
Quick Search Ctrl + Alt + S + [space]  
Edit Contact Ctrl + Alt + E  
Add Contact Ctrl + Alt + A + [space]  
Calendar Ctrl + Alt + C + [space]  
My Scheduled Appointments Ctrl + Alt + SA  
Documents Ctrl + Alt + DOC  
My CRM Ctrl + Alt + CR  
Dashboard Ctrl + Alt + DB  
Audio Review Ctrl + Alt + AR  


Caller UI shortcuts

Actions Keyboard Shortcut (Windows/MacOs) Tips
Go to a Contact tab Ctrl + Alt + T + # i.e.: Ctrl + Alt + T + 3 to access the 3rd tab
Focus on Compose Email button Ctrl + Alt + SE  
View Emails Sent Ctrl + Alt + VE  
Add attachment(s) to Contact Ctrl + Alt + AA  
View Attachment(s) associated with Contact Ctrl + Alt + VA  
Call phone number if only one available Ctrl + Alt + P  
Call phone number when multiple phone numbers are available Ctrl + Alt + P + # P1 will call first number in contact record. P2 will call second number.
Focus on Comments tab Ctrl + Alt + N  
Focus on Quick Result Code menu Ctrl + Alt + Q Use [Tab] and [Shift] + [Tab] keys to move through the list.
Results the contact with the quick result code that you enter. Ctrl + Alt + Q + result code If a "result code" is "YES", click Ctrl+Alt+R+YES to GO to the "result code". If a result code is LM for left message, Ctrl+Alt+R+LM.
Open Result Code Page Ctrl + Alt + R Use [Tab] and [Shift] + [Tab] keys to move through the list.
Opens Result Code list and moves you to the entered Result Code. Ctrl + Alt + R + result code The same tip as "Q + result code" applies.


User Profile Menu shortcuts

Menu Keyboard Shortcut (Windows/MacOs) Tips
User profile Ctrl + Alt + U  
Dialing information Ctrl + Alt + DI  
Voicemail Drop Ctrl + Alt + VD  
My Email Account Ctrl + Alt + F  
My Calendar Access Ctrl + Alt + G  
Calendar Integration Ctrl + Alt + CI  
Change Password Ctrl + Alt + CP  
Support Ctrl + Alt + Z  
Test Controls Ctrl + Alt + Y  
DocuSign Ctrl + Alt + DS  
Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl + Alt + K  
Log Out Ctrl + Alt + X  
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