Appointment Setting in VanillaSoft

Appointment Setting within VanillaSoft is a unique Result Action an Administrator can enable for Result Codes.  This allows Callers in VanillaSoft to book appointments for other VanillaSoft Users or individuals without VanillaSoft accounts referred to as External Agents.

To enable this feature:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select a Project
  3. Go to Workflow/Routing
  4. Select Appointment Setting


Figure 1 - Appointment Setting Menu

On the Appointment Setting page check the “Appointment Setting Enabled” box.  This allows the Admin to select Appointment Setting as a Result Action for Result Codes.  The Admin has as variety of options for configuring this feature:

  • First Appointment Start Time and Last Appointment End Time dictate what timeframes Callers will be able to use to book appointments for VanillaSoft Users or External Agents.
  • The Maximum Appointments per Day sets a cap on the number of appointments a Caller can schedule for an individual User or External Agent per day.
  • Allowing Overlapping Appointments will give Callers the ability to book multiple Appointments within the same time slot.

The last option in the first section is the ability to highlight calendar appointments within a given radius of the lead a Caller is working on.  This particular feature hightlights existing appointments in green on a User or External Agents calendar if the lead the Caller is working on lies within the specified radius.  This gives the Caller a visual cue for a particular area a User or External Agent may be focusing on in a given time period.


Figure 2 - Appointment Start, End, Duration and Radius Options.


The middle portion of the Appointment Setting page deals primarily with e-mail notification options for Users, External Agents or the contact the appointment is being booked for.

  • Send Email Notification to Agents will send out an e-mail automatically to the User or the External Agent that a Caller is booking the appointment for.
  • Send Email Notification to Contacts will send out an e-mail automatically to the lead that a Caller is booking an appointment for.

For both of these settings the Admin will be able to choose an e-mail template to send out to the User, External Agent or Caller.  They also have the option to use a default e-mail instead.  Both of these options allow the Admin to configure the content of the .ics file that is sent with the e-mail as well.  This will customize the look of the calendar invitation on a lead’s calendar after they’ve accepted the invitation.  If a project uses multiple Result Codes with the Appointment Result Action the Admin can choose different e-mail templates based on the Result Code used.

The third option on the Appointment Setting page will send out a reminder to the lead of the upcoming appointment.  These reminders can be sent as an email, SMS notification or both.  The Admin is able to choose the time frame for how soon before a meeting the notification should be sent as well as choosing a template to use for either the e-mail or SMS notification.


Figure 3 - Appointment E-mail Notification Settings


The bottom of the Appointment Setting page allows the Admin to choose which Users or External Agents within VanillaSoft are eligible options to book appointments for.  Moving a User or External Agent from the left column to the right will allow Callers to book appointments for that individual.


Figure 4 - Eligible Users, External Agents for Appointments


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