Appointment Setting in VanillaSoft

Appointment Setting within VanillaSoft is a unique Result Action an Administrator can enable for Result Codes.  This allows Callers in VanillaSoft to schedule appointments for themselves, other VanillaSoft Users, or individuals without VanillaSoft accounts referred to as External Agents.


Enable Appointment Setting

  1. Log in to VanillaSoft as an Admin.
  2. Select the desired Project.
  3. Open the Workflow/Routing menu shown at the top and select Appointment Setting.
  4. Check the Appointment Setting Enabled box (shown below).



From here, you'll have several options you can configure. Below is information on each option to help you configure your settings as desired: 

First Appointment Start Time - This indicates what the earliest time an appointment can start. No appointments can be started earlier than the time set here. Select Any to allow the scheduling user to start the appointment at any time.

Last Appointment End Time - This indicates what the latest time an appointment can end. No appointments can end later than the time set here. Select Any to allow the scheduling user to end the appointment at any time.

Appointment Duration - This sets the length of the appointment. If there is a duration selected, appointments can not be scheduled shorter or longer than what is selected. Select User Choice to allow the scheduling user to determine the duration.

Maximum Appointments per Day - This sets a cap on the number of appointments a Caller can schedule for an individual User or External Agent per day. Select None to allow for any amount of appointments to be scheduled in a day per user.

Allow Overlapping Appointments - If selected, this allows appointments to be scheduled within the same time slow per user. 

Allow appointment date/time changes within Google or Outlook calendars to update the appointment in VanillaSoft - This option gives the ability to highlight calendar appointments within a given radius of the contact.  This particular feature highlights existing appointments in green on a User or External Agents calendar if the contact lies within the specified radius.  This gives the Caller a visual cue for a particular area a User or External Agent may be focusing on in a given time period.


Assign Users/External Agents

The bottom of the Appointment Setting page allows the Admin to choose which Users and/or External Agents within VanillaSoft are eligible to schedule appointments for. To allow Callers to schedule appointments for an individual follow these steps: 

  1. Select the desired user(s) in the Users/External Agents list.
  2. Click the blue arrow mceclip0.png to move the user(s) into the Appointments To Be Set For list.
  3. Once done, click Save. 


The user(s) in the Appointments To Be Set For list will now be available in the Users/Agents drop-down when scheduling an appointment. 


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