Troubleshooting VoIP Sound Quality Issues

If you are having issues with your calls dropping, being choppy, or not connecting at all, there are a steps you can take to determine where the issue is coming from. You can also verify that you meet the minimum system requirements from this article.


For a list of approved headsets, view the CounterPath list here. VanillaSoft recommends using a wired USB headset to allow for easier troubleshooting and better connectivity. VanillaSoft does not support wireless headsets. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the headset:

- If using a wireless headset, connect it to the computer wired
- Try changing to another headset that hasn't had any reports of quality issues
- Instead of testing with VS Connect, try with a difference audio source. Depending on the issue, you can try recording your voice from your operating system or playing a video on YouTube to see if the issue follows
- Finally if no change, unplug the headset and test the audio directly from your computer's speakers


 If you have verified that the issue is not caused by the headset, it might be caused by the computer itself. Here are a few things to look for to determine if the computer is at fault:

- If you're running any antivirus, try temporarily disabling just to test the audio then enabling after
- If the headset you are using offers any drivers, make sure they are installed and up-to-date
- Verify that the volume isn't muted or turned down in your system tray


There are many factors that could cause your VoIP line to have quality or function issues. A few areas to test include:

- Run a SpeedTest and make sure you meet the minimum system requirements as listed above
- Run a ping test to ensure the quality of your speed is good and doesn't have any packet loss
- If you are using wireless internet, connect an ethernet cable and go wired if possible, disabling your WiFi
- If you have any network security, including a firewall, try disabling this and run another test then enable after you're done

VoIP Line:

If you have verified that the issue is not related anything local (headset, computer, or network), the issue may be caused by your actual VanillaSoft VoIP profile. Steps to troubleshoot this are:

- Log in to your profile on another computer and see if the quality issues follow
- Log in to another VoIP profile on your computer and see if the issues remain

With all these steps completed, we should know where the issue is coming from and can action accordingly. If you are not sure how to do some of these steps, or are having issues narrowing the issue down, you can always Submit a Ticket or call 866-763-8826 ext. 2 and our Support team will help investigated this issue further.


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