Update Contacts Upon Import

If you forgot to map a field when importing, or you have received new information for existing contacts that you would like to apply in VanillaSoft, you can update your database to apply the changes. In order to use this feature, your spreadsheet must have at least 1 matching unique field to what is listed within your VanillaSoft database (i.e. phone number, email address, address, etc.). Also, if more than one contact in your spreadsheet has the same information in that field, then only the first contact will be imported.

Note: The unique field must be information that only the 1 contact has. If you use something like 'Last Name', there is a chance that 2 contacts have the same last name. If that is the case, you may lose information from one of those contacts, or need to run through the import process again. Phone Number or Email Address are often unique per contact but this may differ from company to company. 


Important: It is not possible to 'undo' and update. Once you have updated a contact within VanillaSoft, there is no way to revert those changes. Also, if a field in the import file is blank and mapped, then existing field information for that contact will be deleted. When a match is not found, the information will be added as a new contact. If more than one match are found, the information will not be updated or added.


Update Contacts Upon Import

  1. Log in to VanillaSoft as an Admin.
  2. Select the desired project.
  3. Open the Contacts & Reports tab from the top and select Import Contacts.
  4. Click the Choose File button and browse to your import spreadsheet.
  5. If desired, open the Import Mapping drop-down and select any saved mapping (optional).
  6. Open the Import Method drop-down and select Add / Update Duplicates.
  7. Click Next to open the Update Key window.
  8. Open the Import File Field drop-down and select a unique field from your spreadsheet.
  9. Open the VanillaSoft Field drop-down and select the corresponding unique field from VanillaSoft.
  10. Click Next to open the Field Mapping.
  11. Map only the fields you wish to update.
  12. Once done, click Start Import.

Your import will now begin. Any contacts that have matching information will now be updated. Any contacts that do not have matching information will now be added as a new contact.


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