No Call Recordings in Audio Review

If you aren't able to see the Audio Review tab, or there aren't any Call Recordings listed, this could be caused by one of several reasons. Follow this guide to determine the cause and resolution of no Audio Review or Call Recording.

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Call Recording is not Enabled

There are 3 sections that you must enable Call Recording in order for calls to get recorded. For the full instructions on how to configure each User profile, Project, and Result Code to capture Call Recordings, follow our How to Enable/Setup Call Recording article.


No Call History

If this specific contact has not been called yet, there will be no Call Recordings. If in the event of duplicate contacts, you have called the individual but the history is blank, you may need to search for the contact/company to pull up the record that has a history. If this is the cause, future occurrences can be avoided by following our Remove Duplicate Contacts article.


VanillaSoft VoIP Portal Configuration

If you have verified that all settings are correct within VanillaSoft, and you are using a VanillaSoft VoIP line, yet calls are still not being recorded, you may need to make a change within your VanillaSoft VoIP Portal. To check your VoIP portal settings, follow these steps:

  1.  Login to your VanillaSoft VoIP portal.
  2. From the left-hand menu, open the Administration section and select Administrative
  3. Open the Call Recording tab from the top. 
  4. Open the Set Call Recording For All Extensions To drop-down and select Recording On.
  5. Once done, click Save.

 Note: This will enable Call Recording for all extensions.


Call Made Outside of VanillaSoft

If you call a contact from your personal phone or another VoIP outside of VanillaSoft, that call will not be recorded and stored in VanillaSoft. Depending on the phone you are using, you might be able to record the call and store it locally, but this is not something VanillaSoft can support nor troubleshoot.

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